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Visit the most beautiful fishing village in Halong Bay

If Ha Long Bay is the garden of the castle in the world, the fishing village of Cua Van is a unique wonder of fishermen. Cua Van fishing village has been listed on the Journeyetc.com travel website list of 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world (2012). The criteria for selecting the villages that appear on this list are ancient, graceful and preserving traditional culture. Journeyetc.com has chosen Cua Van because of the convergence of these three most important elements.

1.Where is Cua Van fishing village?

Location: Cua Van fishing village in Hung Thang ward (Ha Long city)
Fishing village is located in the calm sea wave area and surrounded by rocky mountains. This area is considered as the ideal place for boats to moor against storms. The fishing village is located at a distance of tens of kilometers. The village is famous for its beautifully adjacent houses. Go to the village you will stay away from the crowded with it is the humming of the car horn.

2.History of Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village originated from two fishing villages, namely Giang hamlet and Truc Vong. This is an indispensable population of Halong Bay. In this fishing village there are more than 300 households living mainly by fishing. The households here build a very cute and lovely house system. Young children even 5 6 years old also know practice swimming.

3.Fun activity

Experience the feeling of being a fisherman through the use of a basketboat to travel and panoramic views. The village also has a center displaying exhibits such as floating culture, pearl culture infrastructure and pearl fishermen catching patterns … that feeling is extremely exciting.

You should prepare the spirit because Cua Van fishing village because you will not see the pure white ships as in the advertising image but the traditional wooden ships.
After joining the experience as a fisherman in Cua Van fishing village, your next destination is Vong Vieng fishing village after about 20 minutes on the train. Unlike Cua Van fishing village, Vong Vieng fishing village is located quite safe surrounded by the limestone mountains.

Sea water here in the green so you can comfortably wave area just play water and catch fish to prepare food for dinner. You can also prepare your belongings to go fishing at night.
Besides visiting the fishing village of Vong Gong, you can combine Ham Rong Mountain. After a sightseeing and exploring Ham Rong Mountain you can return to explore Halong Bay strolling around the beach.

Source of Pic: Le Quang Long Photography