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Halong Homestay You should know

Ha Long is famous for being one of the most expensive places in the world. Is that true? Explore the homestay cheap, beautiful and fully furnished in this posts.

1.Homestay T & N

Address: Lac Long Quan, Bai Chay, Ha Long

Price: About 550.000 VND / room with one double bed for 2 persons.

Only officially put into service in May 2018, T & N homestay is designed in a youthful and colorful style, the pieces of green grass are pressed interlaced everywhere.

Overall, when viewed as a playground for children with a spiral-like staircase. Besides, there is also a strange “umbrella”.

The furniture is set out in the corridor with warm yellow light, an ideal corner of creation.

In addition, the hostess here is very cute with a smile on the lips, when we ask anything she always shared with warm and enthusiastic.

2.Halong Ginger Homestay

Address: Hung Thang Road, Ha Long.

Price: About 570.000 VND / room with 2 single beds.

Homestay Ha Long is a Boheme style with modern décor, Halong Ginger Homestay is probably the unforgettable location of tourists. According to the housekeeper, the owner of this homestay has a foreign girlfriend, which is probably the main reason for the very modern architecture here.

3.Brika Apartment

Address: 16th floor, 17 T2 apartment, Hoang Quoc Viet street, Ha Long.

Price: 950.000 VND / apartment including 2 large rooms.

The Brika apartment consists of 2 rooms with capacity of 5 adults (just enough for a friend’s association). Although apartment apartment but reasonable price. The balcony door is fitted with glass so that the view of the bay is far away, so also that the apartment directly draws natural light, which makes the space become airy. The owner of the apartment is very friendly.

How do you feel ? The “humid nest” in Ha Long is beautiful, cheap. So why you dont explore Ha Long rightnow?

Source of Pic: booking.com