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Ngoc Vung – Pristine islands can not be missed

Ngoc Vung is a small island with blue sea, white sand, friendly people, not dusty smoke but only fresh space, peaceful.

1.Where is Ngoc Vung Island?

Ngoc Vung is located in Van Don district, Quang Ninh province, about 45 square kilometers. Due to the legend of this island, there are many precious and rare pearls in the area, the night sky glowing in the sky. Today, the pearl farming here thrives. In addition, the island has plenty of fresh water so people can grow rice. Seafood such as crab, shrimp, fish, cuttlefish are raised in the sea to help keep the island self-sufficient.

2.Time to travel to Ngoc Vung

Tourists can cruise Ngoc Vung year-round, but should avoid the months with heavy rain storms like September, October and the cold winter days. The ideal time to visit the island is in the summer months, because this time the sea is very quiet, so you will enjoy the scenery of blue sea sand and golden sun.

3.Transfer to Ngoc Vung Island

Guests can travel to the island by speed boat Hon Gai – Ngoc Vung, at the passenger pier Hon Gai (Bach Dang Ward, Ha Long City), departing at 1pm daily. Contact booking: 033.2473536 or 0168.655.2222.

In addition, there are two regular shipping lines on the island:

Route Cam Pha – Ngoc Vung, one day there are 2 wooden train to the island. Time: 7am and 13h00, 50.000 VND / person.

Van Don – Ngoc Vung, 2 flights / day, 7am and 1:30pm. Ticket price: 60,000 VND / person.

4.Staying on the island

As a pristine island has not been developed tourism, so there are not many resorts and hotels on the island, you can refer to a number of accommodation such as:

– Song Da Guesthouse, 12 rooms (Contact Mr. Hao: 0989541197)

– Hung Hanh Guest House (Contact Anh Hung: 01234139578)

– House on Dong Dong can serve the delegation 40-60 people (Contact us Money: 0986287548)

In addition, taking a family vacation or camping on the beach is also a form chosen by many young people.

5.What’s interesting about Ngoc Vung Island?

Ngoc Vung Island is really the place to relax because the scenery here is very quiet and peaceful. But not so that Ngoc Vung island becomes boring, less attractive.

The beautiful island is located between two small islands, Hon Net and Phuong Hoang Island of Van Don District. High overlooking the island Ngoc Vung beautiful as a velvet scarf, there are many bright white lines floating as floating on the water. To the east of the island there are sandy beaches stretching to kilometers, pure white sand stretching to the wharf. From Dragon’s eye on the island can cover the whole island of Co To.

Naturally, Ngoc Vung is full of topographical features such as rivers, beaches, harbors, plains … On the island there are many fresh water and people can grow rice. The island has only about 1000 people. The scenery and peaceful life here make many visitors here as a beautiful village in the middle of the sea.

While neighboring islands like Co To and Quan Lan have been developing tourism for a long time, the name Ngoc Vung is still relatively unknown. Sparsely populated, small towns and holiday homes are less suitable for young travelers who prefer to explore, prefer camping than holiday homes.

From the center of the island, visitors can visit the historical relics: Uncle Ho Memorial on the island, watching overhead island from cannon 12.7 cups, flag pole … Interesting, perhaps the scenery with bike or bike ride between the towering trees, visit the coastal casuarina forest, Truong Chinh beach, Phao Dai island at the end of the beach.

The beach is nearly 3km long, wild, deserted is the island’s most attractive. Jade green water, gentle, sandy long, smooth, soft. In the peaceful space, the sound of waves waves tourists can drop the soul on the beach or lying on the cushion to hear the sea waves.


You can buy fresh seafood right in the morning. Fishermen on the island often bring fresh seafood to be sold at the pier for convenience to tourists. Salespeople will also pack and marinate seafood for you so you can take them home without having to worry about spoiled seafood. In addition, if you do not want to buy fresh items, you can also buy dried squid as a gift.

Source of pic: Laviedoim Photography