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The dishes “definitely have to eat” when go to Ha Long

Not only famous by the natural scenery, the Ha Long play area also has great specialties for both domestic and foreign visitors.

1.Chả mực

Not only is the favorite food by the people in Quang Ninh, squid is also highly appreciated by domestic and international tourists. The squid is distinguished by its crispness and juicy freshness. It is widely sold in seafood restaurants, in markets.

2.Sam sea

Sea sam can be processed into a lot of dishes such as steamed, sauteed, grilled, salad, fried chili, crispy fried eggs … Go to Ha Long definitely have to eat seafood, go seafood have to try sam food.

3.Sá sùng

Also known as ginseng or sea worms. This is a specialty that is listed as expensive. But when you try it you will find it worth it. Stewed crispy, sweet and fresh, when processed into dishes such as fried, cooked porridge … the smell, aromatic aroma special, bring the taste of the sea.

4.Bún bề bề (bề bề noodles )

You may have tried noodles in many ” Bề bề”, but bề bề noodles in Ha Long still bring strange taste, more attractive. “Bề bề” and fresh seafood use better. Especially, the vermicelli here also has “chả mực”.

5.Bánh gật gù ( gật gù cake )


The noodle is quite similar to the noodles, when held up, just nod to the left, right should be called “bánh gật gù”. Dumplings with fish sauce, chicken fat, onions. In addition, there are places to sell meat with the ship is also very good and delicious.

6.Bánh tài lồng ệp ( Lồng ệp cake)

Cake is also called many other names. This kind of cake is made from raw materials such as glutinous rice, sugar, molasses, sesame, ginger … Sweet cake, strange, is a lot of people love by nature, easy to eat, delicious .

7.Coconut cream

This ice cream is not long ago near the Quang Ninh Museum. Instead of the usual cream cinnamon, the seller has created coconut cream backwards, not only look interesting, more attractive but also eat or cough, strange mouth.
Good food, beautiful scenery, friendly people. Are you ready to go to Ha Long?

Source of Pic: Instagram