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Explore the most beautiful cave system in Ha Long Bay

Besides the beauty of stone, water and sky, the legend of history, love, the sunset magical … even the cave in Ha Long also contains the mystery attractive.

  1. History

Sour: Eugene Kaspersky

The birth of Ha Long Bay is covered by the legend of the dragon was sent by the Emperor to lower the world to help the Vietnamese fight foreign aggression. Thieves tan, see the beautiful scene, the dragon has stayed in the world, making up as many islands as today . Likewise, the myth of islands, caves, etc. These are all related to history of the nation. The legend of Dau Go says that in the resistance war against Nguyen – Mong, Tran Hung Dao prepared many wood stakes here, hewn sharp to plug into the Bach Dang River. Unlike Dau Go, the legend of the Virgin is a tragic love story.

  1. Cave system

Sour: Eugene Kaspersky

Sung Sot Cave: Situated in the tourist center of Ha Long Bay, in Bo Hon Island, Sung Sot Cave is the largest and most beautiful cave in Ha Long Bay with many unique rock formations. The road to Sung Sot cave under the foliage of the forest, the stone steps climbing, visitors have just got the fun of mountain climbers, as well as eager as going to heaven.

Virgin’s Cave: Why is it called the Virgin Cave. The name is associated with legend and history. The first impression when entering the cave of each visitor is the image of a statue made of stone on a girl, lying down long hair, eyes to the faraway, eyes evoke a sadness as they are. Waiting for something but desperate.

Dau Go Cave: About 5000m wide, Dau Go Cave is located on the height of 27m above sea level, the cave is concentrated an ancient architectural complex that exudes ancient beauty, wild, mysterious with many columns. rock, stone pillars, small stalactites, soaring as to reach the blue sky.

The Drumstick (also known as Son’s Cave): Opposite the Virgin’s Cave, the Drumstick is a statue of a stone-turned son looking towards the Virgin.

According to an ancient legend, there was a beautiful girl in the village, but the poor family had to work for the owner of the fishing area. Seeing her beautiful, he forced her family to marry her to his wife. But she refused because she had a lover and her lover is fishing to make money to prepare their wedding day. Unwillingly, the landlord did not do anything she should have exiled her to the island to force her to subdue him, she was starving and exhausted. On a scary rainy night she turned the stone here. And it was also the night the boy knew she was in trouble, he was going to sail to find her, the night came to the rescue, his boat broke, he washed up a deserted island, in the light he looked out, He recognized her but his words were taken by the wind. He hit a rock against the cliff as she told him that he had come. He knocked until the blood on his hands flowed, until exhausted and he froze in the cave.

Here you will be heard drunk about this legendary cave and many other legends. So the local people in Ha Long see the Virgin Mary as a symbol of love, the place where couples love to vow. And today, every time the boat passes here, if listening to listen to tourists will hear the screams of the boys here.

Sour: Yoshikazu Takagi

Luon Cave: Located on the island of Bo Hon, 14 km south of Bai Chay, Luon Cave owns four seasons with green cliffs, with the front of Con Cave, on the right is Heaven Gate.

Thien Cung Cave: It is the most beautiful cave in the Ha Long Bay cave system, located in the southwest of the bay, Thien Cung grotto is beautiful, lively from the outside. The way up the crags cliffs, green trees um covered the road, the more into the more we are surprised by the lively and splendid beauty of the cave, right now, when things appear before We see the beauty of Thien Cung – Ha Long.

Kim Quy Cave: Located on Nam Nam Islet, with 187m high peaks, in front of Dam Bac Islet, behind is Soi Rim Island. The cave is 100 meters long and there is a small path leading up to the top, where the four seasons with murmuring water, stalactites are formed from the ceiling of the fall down like a beautiful curtain.

Me Cung Cave: 2 km to the beach in the southwest, Me Cung cave is located on the island of Lo Bo 25m higher than the sea. When entering the cave, visitors seem to be entering the palace of a Persian emperor and the murmurs are here to make visitors think it is her voice Sesherum is telling the story thousand and one night for his king.

And there are many other caves in Ha Long Bay so that visitors can explore the Ha Long tourism. Choose your Ha Long tour to begin the journey to discover the mystery paradise, beautiful splendors colorful color of the cave system massive Ha Long Bay.

  1. Way to go

Day trips depart from Halong Bay from Tuan Chau Port. You should come early in the morning to book a boat for your group or join with other delegations to reduce costs. The cost for the bay is 170,000 VND and the cost is 20,000 VND. This fee is usually included in the tour.

Sour: Yoshikazu Takagi

Note: Always check the weather before leaving the bay. The weather in Ha Long changes very fast, when the rain in the sun, when the big storm, the ships can also get the ban on the bay.

According to statistics, Ha Long Bay has about 1969 islands large and small cave system dense, beautiful mysterious, diverse natural colors, created gift, become a natural wonder of the world. Each cave, each cave in Ha Long Bay is beautiful and colorful, containing hidden mysteries.