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The cafe shop for rainy day in Ha Long

The misery of the tourist is to go out and meet the rain, what are you going to do? Sitting by the window of the hotel looking at the rain and sigh. Lie on the sofa and surf Facebook? Here are 3 cafes for rainy days in Ha Long.

  1. My Way Sport Café & Beer

Address: Quang Ninh Museum, Tran Quoc Nghien (Hon Gai), Halong.

Price: From 50.000 VND – 150.000 VND.

Behind the back of the Quang Ninh Museum, My Way Sport Café & Beer brings in its dusty style. The first impression when entering the restaurant is as if this is a gathering of car lovers.

Food and drink in the restaurant is very much appreciated, although the price slightly compared to the common ground but “quality currency”.

The space is covered with warm color, with light system is installed exquisite to create a total shimmer and luxury.

Although the viewer seems to “go to work” but the staff is extremely friendly and pleasant. When requested, smile is the first thing visible on the face of any employee in the shop.

This will be the ideal destination for Ha Long tourism self-sufficiency on a rainy day do not know what to do. There is also an open bar with dim lighting, sometimes you just call a glass of water and choose your favorite place here, you can also take a few pictures to light up your friends already.

  1. Old Town Coffee Ha Long

Address: 10 Tran Quoc Nghien, Ha Long.

Price: From 20.000 VND – 100.000 VND.

The restaurant is located on the street with direct views of the bay, which is sure to be the first choice for those who love to sip a glass of water just watching. Old Town Coffee is a classic and has a bit more children, each wall is well decorated. Coffee is also a plus point. Coffee is rich and fragrant, sometimes you can smell even when the coffee is not brought. One afternoon with the sun go down, holding a cup of fragrant coffee, just watching the bay is great.

  1. Freshie

Address: Tran Quoc Nghien (opposite Ha Long Dolphin), Halong.

Price: From 30.000 VND – 100.000 VND.

As a “miniature Santorini” with a blue and white tone is the main, at first glance thought to be lost somewhere in the West.

Freshie is decorated in a liberal and youthful style with all sorts of implications for the ocean, such as sailing boats, anchors and large dolphins on a wall.

Drink at the restaurant is also quite focused, each glass as a work of art. The staff here are all young people so extremely cute and easy to approach. I remember when I visited the restaurant has poured water to 2, 3 times but staff is happy to clean up.

For the above mentioned, although the rain is big size can still enjoy the trip and check in despite the weather. Go play dropping gas, afraid of what rain poured.