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Why to kill your budget – selecting a tour trip to Halong Bay Cruises ??

Halong Bay with a flock of floating mountains on the sea waters and the crafted beauty of inner caves is a must for any visitor at Vietnam. Seeing the pictures is just like a wish of converting those pictures into reality to jump into it. Every one knows that this can happen only after coming out of the dream for a tour and take quick action on it, because the difference between photographs and reality is far far way long. It’s all up to you to understand that if the photographs are so real to see , what will be the eye view. Now comes the way to pick the right tour service provider , as there are a number of travel agents in Halong Bay Vietnam providing Cruise Service.

Halong Bay Cruise
Halong Bay Cruises

What to do is now here :-

Best time span to spend- To reach through the real beauty of Halong Bay’s best attraction points, you need need to give a proper time. Don’t prefer for “1 day” or “2 days and 1 night” package , best preferences is “3 days and 2 nights” to soak in the atmosphere and scenery.

starlight cruise halong bay 2 days

Luxury Cruise Halong Bay 3 Days

Budget Alignment :-

You need not to KILL your budget for Halong Bay Tour. You can compare the prices of the packages provided by the tour agents or Halong Bay Cruise service providers. Choose the best fitting service along with a affordable package. The total cost should include all transfers from Hanoi, all meals, appropriate length of accommodation, and all activities and entry fees. The only thing you should need to pay extra for is drinks.

Adventures to do in Halong Bay :-

The must service to be enjoyed is Cruise Service Halong Bay, it’s the only place to enjoy this service all around the Sea Waters.

Following this comes free kayaking, almost everyone’s favorite activity which allows to explore the caves and grottos carved by the sea waves.

Want to have some more fun and enjoyment then choose for a one or two night boat tour.

The best populated island is Cat Ba Island, all the transfers from here and there takes you through this island.

Visit fishing village

Starlight cruise service






Check Out :-

Now you can plan for a tour trip to Halong Bay Vietnam . Hope you enjoy much there.. Don’t forget to have a massage by Halong Bay Services.