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Top 4 Halong Bay caves recommended

Top 4 Halong Bay caves recommended

Famous for beautiful of natural wonder, Halong Bay has many caves and grottoes scattered throughout the Bay. There are 59 discovered grottoes, cave in Halong Bay ( this includes the most recent discovery of 23 new cave).  All the caves have a special belonging to Halong Bay’s distinctive ecosystem. Here are the top 5 caves worth visiting recommendation in Halong Bay

#1 Sung Sot cave (Surprise cave in Halong Bay)

Sung Sot caveSung Sot cave is the most visiting caves in all of the Halong Bay cave tours. The French discovered it in 1901 and named it “Grotte des Surprises”. Then, the cave welcomed its first visitors in 1993. Sung Sot cave is in Bo Hon Island, a close neighbor of several other famous attractions. Some of them are Titop island, Bo Nau grotto, Me Cung cave and Luon cave.

The cave area is 10000 square meters and about 30 meters high and sports a 500 meter long passage. Therefore, the cave is the largest of all the Halong caves. You must climb up about 100 steps to reach the cave entrance. The interior has two separated caverns. The first is a small amphitheater type of space connected by a small passageway to the larger cavern next door.

Surely, you will impress by amazing stalactites and stalagmites in the cave. A generous stretch of the imagination is wonderful in a lot of cases. However, it’s part of the fun of the expedition and if you have a good tour guide he will show you all the difference.

The cruise trip is the best way to visit Halong bay’s caves. The numerous cruise companies that offer the tour through the bay. And some of them has a pretty large amount of Sung Sot cave.

#2 Trong cave (Drum cave or Male cave)

The cave lies in a romantic location. According to the legend, a woman in living in Halong Bay who love with a fisherman in a poor family. Therefore, she forced to marry a rich man whom she didn’t love. She fled to Trinh Nu cave where she hid and waited for fishermen to return. Hearing this new, the fisherman got into a row boat and set off to find her.

Unfortunately, a storm appeared, forcing he take refuge in another cave. This cave is opposite Trinh Nu cave where his lover was hiding in. They could see each other, lived to each other but the storm kept them separated. He saw his lover and called her until exhausted and die. Get inside the cave, all visitors will surprise for so many stalactites hung down from the ceiling.

#3 Dark and Bright cave (Day and Night cave)

Dark and Bright caveThe cave is among top Halong Bay caves worth visiting because it is on the route for the cruise to the quieter areas of Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. You can be only accessible by kayak or rowing boat the entrance to the Dark Cave.

Furthermore, once you pass through the mouth of the cave you are in the low natural light. Paddle through for 100 meters or so and you’ll see the sun breaking through, marking the end of Dark Cave and the beginning of the Bright Cave. It is one of the attractive cave for kayaking which you should try.

#4 Luon cave

Luon caveThe cave lies on Bo Hon island. Far about 1km from Sung Sot Cave, Luon Cave is the paradise of spectacular natural landscapes. It has been one of the most attractive caves for international tourists when visiting Halong Bay travel.
In front of the cave is Turtle Island and on the right is Heaven Gate. At this cave, visitors will have a chance to admire steep cliffs.

In addition, the water is clear blue year round and look like a mirror. Crossing Turtle Island – the “gate” right at the entrance, Luon Cave opened up calm peaceful clear sea water.

Moreover, you can see golden monkeys swinging up and down the sides of the cliff. Leaving the cruise ship behind and taking your experience into your own hands, hop in a kayak and paddle through Luon Cave.