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Tien Yen Chicken – The food shouldn’t miss in Quang Ninh

Tien Yen is a district of Quang Ninh province. From Ha Long city, visitors can get there by  70 km driving towards the North on National Highway 18. Once getting there, you can find and taste a famous specialty  “Tien Yen chicken”.

This is a local chicken breed. Chicken body is circle, short foot, and small yellow. Local people raise this chicken without any cages. The chickens are free to roam and wander on the slopes of the hills to find bait. In the afternoon, the chickens come back and sleep on the tree’s branches. This is the reason why the meat of  Tien Yen’s chicken is delicious, firm rather than other places.There are many dishes which local people cook from Tien Yen chicken. However, the most remarkable dish and also the simplest dish is boiling chicken. Gazing at a plate of boiled hill chicken, you will be surprised.

Even though people boil the chicken in a normal way, its skin has an incredibly tempting yellow color as if there is saffron and oil on it.

Tien Yen chicken meat when boiling, the skin color is yellow and soft as well as dipping fat. The meat is delicious, sweet and flesh firmness. Especially, Tien Yen chicken’s meat is especially sweet but not chewy and fat.

Once traveling to Quang Ninh, you should visit Tien Yen and try yourself this famous specialty.