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Electric-car Ride and Halong BayCruise

Halong Bay electic car tour


electric car at Halong Bay Tour

Providing unique and perfect overnight cruises tour on Halong Bay cruises and trips at Halong Bay tours to discover Vietnamese traditions in Yen Duc Village, Sightseeing the city by Electric Car is also a upcoming way to increase your enjoyment at Halong Bay tour packages.This new tourism product promises to bring the passengers a new and very interesting way to visit Halong city – a lovely city full of Halong Bay Cruises. The service of electric car starts running from early morning .Electric cars will take you going around the Halong city, including some famous and beautiful places which will surely win your heart, such as: Long Tien Pagoda, Ha Long Market, Lan Be Park, April 25th Square, Vincom Mall , Cot 3 sea boundary street, Cot 5 fishery village, Tran Quoc Nghien Temple, Quang Ninh Museum and Library,BaiTho Mountain, then comes the real beauty resembling place that is, Halong Bay port where a number of Cruise services are available to explore the real natural beauty of floating mountains on sea waters. The friendly, responsible and knowledgeable driver will take care of you and be as your friend along the whole way. All around the journey,tourists will have a better chance to enjoy the city scenery, listen to introductions about history, landscape of Ha Long City and Halong Bay, as well as Halong Bay Cruises. If you want to stop for visiting or shopping at any of the places,you can just tell the driver, they’re happy to assist you as much as possible.

Halong Bay tour

“Halong Bay is not just about taking a electric car ride. It’s also about exploring this city of smiles.As the Halong Bay is known as one of the 7 wonders of the world of nature , it;s because of the attractions it have for the tourist to gather them around itself. the starting point that is the beach is really a very awesome place with all the Halong Bay cruises up there. These Halong Bay cruises take you all through the scenes you would have only seen in photographs or some movies made on natural beauties. You can now see the real difference between the photographs and the real site that is eyesight of a place to be evaluated. Other attraction is the inner caves beauty that is such crafted as if some craftsmen have designed it after along period of time. The floating mountains on the sea water symbolizes the shape as they are named like as , a little girl, tortoise , soldier and many more. The inner caves allow you to have some lunch inside them. Halong Bay Cruise service provider have these facilities..
It’s your turn now to make a difference between the photographs and the reality….

Great view halong bay cruises from sung sot cave