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Payment Online Conditions

Payment must be made by major credit card (Visa Card & Master Card)
When make full payment or deposit. Consumer doesn`t pay any surcharge fees such as: services charge, taxes or bank fee. Consumer pay the nett rate (Not like other they will add 3 or 4% bank charge). Guaranteed! When Consumer decides to confirm the booking. Origin Travel team will send the Online Credit Card Form. Consumer just fill out Credit Card information (secure system is provided by www.onepay.vn).

How to payment by credit card?

We connect with OnePAY Payment Gateway to accept Online Card Payment (www.onepay.vn). All of your card information is processed through SSL protocol with international card security standard. Your card information will not be stored at our system (merchant) but MasterCard with international security standard. We will send you the link to fill in the form and you will make the online payment through the following steps:

1. Card type selection:

The payment gateway interface will appear as below for you to select the card type you are going to pay with: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB.

2. Card Information Input

  • To make the payment, you will input the following card information
  • Card Number:
  • Expiry Date:
  • CSC:
  • Address:
  • City/Town:
  • State/Province:
  • Post/Zip Code:
  • Country:
  • Click PAY.

3. Transaction Result

You will get a notification that your payment was successful. If not then you would need to check your credit card number or contact your bank to have more information.

  • Note: When you make payment by credit card, if there is any problem and fail. Please read the guidelines as below.
  • In case you pay the second time and still fail, please don’t pay more and let me know. I will check with bank and help you to solve it because when you make payment via Onepay it run through 3D- security so it is safe and careful when you make payment and sometimes this fail occurs. )

4. Solution when you pay fail

Your transactions were not successful because you did not input or input wrong Verified By Visa Password after. After you input card information (card number, expiry date, csc), click “PAY”, you will see an input box to enter the password.

Your Issuer Bank has activated Verified By Visa Program but your card has not been enrolled yet. If you activate this program, you will have the password to make the online payment. Normally, you can log on to Internet Banking Website to activate this.

Please contact your Issuer Bank again to ask information of Verified By Visa password by the phone number behind the card and remake your payment.

NOTE: Your transaction did not pass Verified By Visa so OnePAY system did not send it to Issuer Bank to authorize. Please require Issuer Bank to check your transactions in Verified By Visa system, not in their authorisation log.